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IOR Membership Application - Before you Begin

There are currently two grades of membership availble for application; Associate and Professional. We are not able to recommend a specific grade, as applications are passed to our Membership Reviewers who make the final decision based on your experience and references. We can however confirm that all grades have access to the benefits of membership and that the only differences are in voting rights.
Criteria for each of the grades may be found here.

Please Note:-

  • Addresses: Personal home addresses and email addresses are important as our primary means of contacting you. Of course, if you are working or studying then we would expect those 'professional' contact details also, including an email address in support of your bona-fide.
  • CV or Résumé: Professional level appliants will need to attach an up to date CV/Résumé in Word or PDF format. You should have this prepared beforehand so that it can be uploaded when you complete your online application.
  • Referees: Professional level appliants will need two professional referees. These should be related to your employer if you are working, or someone in the profession. This could include college, university or training establishment. Referees do not need to be members of the IOR. You may provide personal character referees, but these should be in addition to your professional referees.
    NB. If you are not in employment or not a risk practitioner, we would suggest a teacher, professor, mentor or someone in the risk or related professions may be able to help. Failing this, if you already know an IOR member, we are sure they would be happy to help. In some cases it may be possible to arrange a meeting with an IOR member before hand or attend one of our networking/ social evenings.

    In any event, your referees work or professional emails should be provided.

  • Subscriptions: Your initial subscription is payable upon application. We can not begin to process your application until this has been received. There are currently no exemptions from our membership subscription. However, the IOR offers discounts for countries based on their World Bank rating. Find out the discount available for your country here: IOR Discount Scheme

Important - To avoid delays in processing your application, before applying, confirm with your referees they are happy to provide a reference, assure them it will be in the form of a short questionnaire the IOR will send them.

If, in the view of the application review panel, an applicant is eligible for a higher grade than that applied for, you will be invited to apply for an upgrade after your application has been approved.

We look forward to receiving your application. If you have any questions, you can contact us by email on